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Siton Shuttlecar Úspešne exportovaný do Kanady

Čas: 2011 07 - 28 Zobrazenie: 94

In June 2011, Siton successfully signed a contract of two shuttlecars with one Canada mining company. Being the first order of North America market, this order was paid special attention. These two shuttlcars were finished in early July under contract request.

The next step is packing. As the delivery is from Chinese factory to client's Canadian warehouse, the Canadian forwarder passed new strict packing roles. And the previous booked 40' HQ container cannot meet the requirements. The shipping Dept. Booked 40 OT container with the forwarder, and the loading workers finished loading and reinforcement in one night.

After finishing the customs declaration issues, Siton shutllecars, baring the Siton’s desire to open the North American market, went across the Atlantic to North America.

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